About the Course

This course is designed to help those beginning their practice of bhakti yoga to learn about the core elements of a sadhana (daily practice) centered around the chanting of the maha-mantra. It is particularly meant for those who have completed our Wisdom and Practice course or who already have some grounding in the foundational concepts of bhakti yoga.

What you’ll learn

  • The basic concepts of bhakti yoga sadhana
  • Incorporating japa (mantra meditation) at the core of your sadhana
  • Comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about japa
  • How to conduct kirtan anywhere, with anyone (no musical ability or instruments required)
  • The basics of creating an altar for your sacred space
  • Bringing bhakti into your kitchen – the basics of spiritualizing your food
  • Extending your sadhana into your daily life

Personal Mentoring

Students enrolling in this course will be connected with an experienced bhakti yoga practitioner who will provide personal guidance on how to establish a sadhana that is best suited for your individual situation.


This course is offered twice a month for two weeks each course. The course structure is:

  • Day 1 – an introductory online webinar
  • Week 1 – lessons and assignments that students can follow at their own pace.
  • Day 7  – interactive webinar which reviews the lessons and explores additional elements related to the lessons.
  • Week 2 – lessons and assignments that students can follow at their own pace.
  • Day 14 – Concluding webinar.

At some time during both weeks, your personal mentor will schedule an individual session


Initially, the course will be offered once a month and will increase as required to meet the needs of students. The next course offering is scheduled as follows:

Sunday the 6th to Sunday the 20th December, 2020

Learning Platform

The course is offered on a custom learning platform that is optimized for individual mentoring, keeping track of personal goals, and tracking your progress. It also includes a discussion forum for questions and answers.

Course Donation

Chantnow.com is supported by donations and the dedicated service of volunteers in our community. To support the development of this and other courses, we ask for a donation from students.

For this course, there is a suggested donation of $25. For our students in India we request INR 1500.

However, as we want this course to be accessible to everyone regardless of their financial capacity, you can enroll with a minimum donation of just a token $1 ( INR 51 in India).

Plus, if for any reason you are not happy with the course we will be glad to refund your contribution.



To enroll in the course, simply click on the appropriate button below and go to our enrollment form. If you are already a student with ChantNow.com, you will be asked to login first. We ask a few simple questions to help us understand your current level of understanding and practice of bhakti yoga.

We look forward to serving you with this course.