Enrollment Steps

1. Log in

When you registered to take the 7 day Chanting Workshop, you were also registered as a student user of the Chantnow.com website and were sent your password for logging in.

Before enrolling for the course you must log in. Just enter your email address as your user name along with your password below to log in

If you don’t remember your password, then click the “Forgot Password” link below the form.

2. Choose your donation

Chantnow.com is supported by donations and the dedicated service of volunteers in our community. To support the development of this and other courses, we ask for a donation from students.

For this course, there is a suggested donation of just Rs. 1500.

However, as we want this course to be accessible to everyone regardless of their financial capacity, you can enroll with just a token donation amount of Rs. 51.

Plus, if for any reason you are not happy with the course we will be glad to refund your contribution.

Donations are accepted through the secure online payment gateway provided by Stripe, one of the world’s leading providers of ths service.

Chant Now is an initiative of ISKCON Online, Inc. based in the USA. Therefore your credit or debit card must be authorized to make international payments.

3. Complete your Enrollment

After making your donation you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can complete your registration for the course.


At any time, if you have difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team who can help you with any issues.