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Chantnow.com is an online follow-up and cultivation system centered around teaching about the maha-mantra. Two years ago, we formally launched Chantnow.com and began our marketing efforts. Now, every day we receive over 120 new visitors and enroll 3-4 new students for our chanting workshop.

So far we have over 2000 students from 74 countries. We invite you to consider how this website can be used in your own outreach activities. Our hope is that this can become a valuable tool for your cultivation of new people and we can become partners in supporting your efforts.

We have a team of devotees producing a regular stream of relevant and relatable content suited to people new to chanting. And we have full-time devotees dedicated to personal communications with all of the people who sign up for our courses.

We request you to adopt our website as a part of your outreach. You can be assured that anyone that you direct to the site will be cultivated with sensitivity. And we will direct people from your area to programs you conduct that are suited for their needs

Read on to know more or just write us at hello@chantnow.com so we can chat in person..

Through Chantnow.com we are now offering three courses. The first is our free introductory 7 day chanting workshop. This course is designed to give people the basics and get them started with chanting. You can see the video lessons for the workshop here:

The next course is called Mantra Meditation – Wisdom and Practice. This self-paced course takes the student from the essential elements of “not the body” philosophy to the point of the principle of Krishna as the supreme person and bhakti yoga as the means to revive our eternal relationship with Him.

You can see the contents and description of the course here:

woman sits outside doing japa and holding mala beads
hands hold malas in a prayer position ready to help

And, for those students who are ready to adopt a regular chanting practice, we have our third course – Your Chanting Sadhana. This two-week course has just been launched and will be offered every 1 to 2 months depending on the enrollment. 

You can read more about it here: 

These last two courses are donation based and the minimum donation is just $1 to make them accessible to everyone.

In addition to our courses we send out regular emails to students and subscribers with fresh articles, links to attractive kirtans and invitations to online events. We are working on putting together a daily inspiration series as well for those who would like to get it.

And we are maintaining an active presence on Facebook and Instagram that you can check out here: