chanting workshop

Here are 8 ways you could make use of our website:

1)      You could give us information about events and programs that could be of interest to our students in your area. We can then publicize these through our email system


2)      You could put a link to Chantnow.com on your own websites. We can provide a banner graphic for this and track anyone who comes through this link.


3)      You could make a list of people you are currently cultivating that could benefit from the courses on Chantnow.com and invite them to check it out. You could say something like “we have recently partnered with the team at Chantnow.com to connect you with online courses that can help you in your exploration of chanting.” We can help you with an email template for this.


4)      You could print our bookmark and/or flyer and distribute it. You could also print Chantnow.com business cards. Or you could include Chantnow.com on your existing cards and flyers. You can see the designs here –  https://www.chantnow.com/promotion/


5)      You could directly follow-up with anyone who signs up for the courses and who lives in your area. We would give you your own @chantnow.com email ID for this purpose and give you access to our online Hubspot CRM system where you can track and view the activities of your contacts.


6)      You could promote our Instagram and Facebook pages, sharing our content with your followers and inviting them to follow us.


7)      You could also contribute content to be published on our website or social media pages.


8)      You could become one of our online student guides yourself and cultivate students through our system.

These are a few ways we can think of and you can probably think of more.

One of our main ideas in putting this site together was that it would be used by devotees in their outreach to Western audiences, providing resources it would be difficult for them to put together on their own, like the courses we created.

So, we’re hoping you will find it useful.


Yours in service,

ChantNow Team