Mantra Meditation - Wisdom & Practice

Discover the ancient wisdom behind mantra meditation while deepening your practice

This in-depth course will build on your 7 Day Chanting Workshop experience by going deeper into the wisdom teachings at the foundation of maha-mantra meditation. You will learn techniques for enhancing your meditation and overcoming common obstacles in your practice. And, you will explore the bhakti-yoga philosophy and lifestyle that chanting comes from.

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Study whenever you want, wherever you want.

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1 on 1 Support

Receive support from teachers and mentors who are available to answer your questions and guide you on your personal journey.

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Brought to you by a team of experienced bhaktas (bhakti-yoga practitioners) with many years of experience and dedication.

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A bi-weekly interactive webinar for course participants addresses questions and provides additional support. Recordings available, too.

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If you encounter any problems accessing or viewing lessons, our full-time staff of volunteers are available to assist you.

Japa Meditation Kit

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The required japa kit (a set of chanting beads, holding bag and the counting beads) is available for just $12 including free shipping to the US and Canada. (If you already have a set of beads or can obtain them locally then you can use these.)


” The practice course was really helpful, basically because of the video tutorials and the quizzes. It gave me a framework to start from and made it easy to continue on my own. When I took up Japa meditation I didn’t want to make to any mistakes. So the services of Chant Now are a great way to make sure you get the details right from the beginning! ” – MORTEN SAU
“ I’ve been practising mantra meditation for a little over a year and found Chant Now’s Wisdom and Practice course a great way to deepen my chanting practice, improve my technique and overall just to make sure I’m chanting correctly. Chanting has helped me overcome many internal battles, it’s truly something that works as you can apply in your day to day life very easily! ” – DREA DOLL
” I’m so glad that I did this course. I have been chanting for some time already, and the course helped bring me to another, deeper, level of mantra meditation practice. ” – LOUISE LETTERMAN

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Course Contents

Prepare yourself for the course with the topics in this lesson

What motivates most of us to take a course like this

Looking at the first big question on the bhakti path

Exploring our inner world and the nature of the soul.

Exploring without from within

The special vocabulary of the chanting path

Perceiving the divine from different perspectives

What’s in a name? The difference between the names we’re familiar with and sacred sounds.

How love can empower your meditation

Exploring the relationship between spirituality and religion.

A deeper look at what is bhakti-yoga

Turning your experience with the course into a daily practice

Enhance your meditation by creating a favorable environment

Learn more about kirtan – singing meditation

Looking at the role of association in achieving higher consciousness

The main ingredient that powers your meditation is how you approach it.

A look at how to go forward.