About the Course

This course builds on the 7 Day Chanting Workshop, going deeper into the wisdom teachings at the foundation of maha-mantra meditation. You will learn techniques for enhancing your meditation and overcoming common obstacles in your practice. And, you will explore the bhakti-yoga philosophy and lifestyle that chanting comes from.

What you’ll learn

  • Core spiritual principles behind chanting
  • How to use meditation beads
  • Techniques for deepening your meditation
  • How to awaken your higher consciousness
  • Ways to spiritualize your life
  • Developing your own Sadhana, or daily practice

The Teaching Team

This course is presented by a team of experienced Bhaktas (bhakti-yoga practitioners) who have worked together to develop this course and present it.

Along with developing the content, these teachers and other members of our ChantNow.com community participate in this course as resources for answering questions and giving practical guidance through the course forum discussion group. There is also a bi-weekly interactive webinar for course participants.

Japa Meditation Kit

The course also requires students to have a japa kit (a set of chanting beads, holding bag and the counting beads). After registering for the course, make sure to click on the link provided on the confirmation page to order your kit. If you already have a set of beads or can obtain them locally then you can use these.

Course Cost

With the support of generous sponsors we are able to offer this course for free until the 1st October, so you can sign up now at no cost or obligation.


To take this course you should have taken the 7 Day Chanting Workshop, or otherwise started with your chanting practice. If you are completely new to mantra meditation we recommend you take the 7 Day Chanting Workshop first.

Course Contents

The course contents are listed below.

The course is designed to be taken at your own pace over the course of two to three weeks. Altogether there are 16 lessons, plus the initial orientation lessons.  By covering about one topic per day you can easily complete within three weeks.

The course is meant to accompany your daily practice of mantra meditation. So we recommend combining your daily meditation with a lesson from the course.

To enroll in the course, simply fill out the registration form above