Use this page to review your knowledge

To help you strengthen your foundations on what you learned through both the 7 Day Chanting Workshop and the Mantra Meditation – Wisdom and Practice course we have assembled on this one page all of the review questions from both the workshop and the course.

Please use this for testing your knowledge of bhakti yoga taking note of any area that you might need to go back and review.

For most of the lessons there are at least two questions. After selecting your answer, press “Check” to check your response. If you got a wrong answer you can try again. When you finish with a question, press “” to go to the next question.

7 Day Chanting Workshop Review

Mantra Meditation – Wisdom and Practice Review

The Search for Happiness

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Who am I?

The Nature of Consciousness

Our Place in the Universe

The Language of yoga

Three Aspects of the Divine

When the Name and the Named are the Same

The Yoga of Love

Religion, Spirituality, Both?

A Bhakti-yoga Overview

Music + Meditation = Kirtan

Making a Sacred Space

Sadhana – Creating your Practice

Sanga (Association) – A Community of Practice  

Your Success is in your Attitude

Thank you for completing this review. We hope it has helped to in strengthening your understanding of the path of bhakti and mantra meditation.