Making Meditation the Foundation

Meditation with the maha-mantra has helped millions of people overcome obstacles in their lives and grow spiritually. One of these is Jay Shetty, who relates his story in the video below.

I first got to know Jay when he was a monk in an ISKCON ashram near London. I was impressed by how he had channeled his spirituality into helping others with his seminars to the corporate world. Today he has more than 3 million people connecting with the wisdom he offers, founded on his time as a monk.

You’ll hear in his story how his morning meditation empowers his day as it does for all of us who have adopted chanting as a daily practice. Making meditation the foundation of your day gives you a place to stand above the noise and confusion of everyday life. It’s like being on the top floor looking down on the street below. You get to see the bigger picture and can better navigate your day’s path.

Keep it up, Jay!

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