Learn Powerful Meditation Techniques and Explore the Ancient Wisdom Behind Chanting

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7 Day Chanting Workshop

Learn the power of maha-mantra meditation and explore why it works by joining this free introductory workshop. The 7-day series offers a daily video that will help you learn and stick with an easy daily meditation while teaching you a focusing technique that opens your consciousness to the many benefits of Mantra chanting.

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Mantra Meditation

This course builds on the 7 Day Chanting Workshop, exploring the wisdom and teachings at the foundation of maha-mantra chanting. You will learn techniques for enhancing your meditation and its benefits, how to use japa mala meditation beads, and learn about bhakti-yoga, the practice, and philosophy that chanting is part of.


Your Chanting Sadhana

Go deeper into bhakti-yoga and learn how to build your chanting sadhana, your daily meditation discipline. With the knowledge and practices taught in this course, you can understand how to overcome challenges at each and every stage of your development and progress towards the complete awakening of your spiritual life.