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      Stephen Raisz

      This first lesson deals with the nature of happiness. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the basic premise? Please reply here with thoughts and/or questions.

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      Jessica Davey

      Okay, here’s a thought: in my life I have desired to achieve many things. I have often become singly focused on one goal and then achieved that goal, only to find that it didn’t actually make me any happier. Maybe it did for a few months, but then I found out that it wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be. In one particular instance the very thing that I thought would make me happiest ended up being a cause of despair.

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      Esther Mikolajczyk

      I believe happiness comes from within and manifests itself through the freedom to be of service to others whilst being mindful and centered in the goodness and mercy of God.

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      Nick Milne

      Happiness seems a bit thin on the ground for me . There’s happy moments happy times or pleasant times should I say but there’s also a lot of painful , miserable moments too, coupled with stress conflict etc.
      For happiness to exist it must be without all those things ..

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      Happiness is eternal element and nothing to link with satisfaction or happening of some expected event linked to earthly desires in our daily life. We may undergo difficulties in life may be health issues, surgeries, long term disabilities, interaction with ill-minded people, physical or mental torture from world but its gonna hurt our physical and mental senses deeper and no where its our true nature to yield for them as we are soul and not belonged to particular body or mind. Our soul nature is only happiness.

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      Happiness is eternal element and its the nature of soul nothing but we in true sense.

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      The more we hanker after material stuff the more we entangled in this material world. By developing having moderation in material things and by practicing meditation we can achieve happiness even in distressed moments with our constant efforts.

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      Evgeny Khvalkov


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      Evgeny Khvalkov

      Thank you!

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      Orlando Alaniz

      The first thing that pops into my mind are Near Death Experiences. People who encounter God in their NDE say that they are overwhelmed by so much Love and Bliss that they never want to leave. They hate having to come back into a physical body and some even start arguing with God, refusing to return. But God/Krishna/Allah is always able to convince them to return with His Wisdom and Understanding. Hare Krishna.

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      Gita Govinda

      Happiness can be unreachable when you are looking for it. Once you no longer need it, it’s suddenly given to you. Except when you keep telling yourself you deserve it, then it’s everywhere and it becomes a constant in your daily life.

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