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      Esther Mikolajczyk

      I found that I needed to give time morning and evening to meditate, have what I would call a pure and clean diet, no alcohol. If I was unable to practice meditation then remaining mindful throughout the day for example, being fully present when washing dishes, cleaning the floor, tending to children; bringing or calling on a level of higher thought within these moments. I found maintaining this practice to be intense even if this was exactly where I wanted to truly exist. Life’s obligations and duties had other ideas for me. However, that still quiet thread runs deep and continues its calling.

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      Nick Milne

      Meditation on the breath
      Meditation on profound teachings internally repeated .
      Exercise , travel
      Artificially through Drugs ,alcohol, raves dancing etc

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      I frankly admit that i haven’t done the practice to attain higher consciousness. And i really not know about. I did meditation just for purpose of relieving mental stress after couple of years it took the path of spirituality. As i am vegetarian, no obstacles on my path. Now i am still learning to know about what is so called higher consciousness.

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      Amber Page

      meditation. through some new age practices. I did follow a book once called may cause miracles for 6 weeks.

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