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      Esther Mikolajczyk

      I feel so comfortable with this idea however, I struggle with maintaining that idea through the pulse of the material life. The material life seems all consuming however, I do know there are ways to release its grip and allow freedom of spirit just to be. This is where where the connection to that which is greater than ourselves exists, so quiet, so still yet so full and creative.

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      Nick Milne

      Seems a bit weird but could get used to it. Positively means life doesn’t end with this body , we must have a deeper more profound identity

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      Yes, I agree. We are not body or mind. We are soul.

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      Theoretically, it is easy to digest. But when it comes to practicality, I need to put a lot of effort into it by doing meditation and reading the scriptures on a regular basis to recollect I am not this body but soul.

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      Gita Govinda

      I know I’m supposed to feel relief, but I cannot wrap my mind (pun intended) around this concept. What are the differences between my mind and my soul? it feels like my “mind” is the one holding my thoughts, but maybe the point is that my thoughts come from my soul? But then what does the mind do, simply hold them?

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