Your Chanting Sadhana

Your Chanting Sadhana


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About the Course

The Wisdom and Practice is an advanced course that introduces you to the complete science of chanting, including the various stages of spiritual development and the challenges at each stage. By the end of the course, you will have received all of the additional fundamentals for a complete bhakti-yoga practice centered on meditative chanting.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the full progression of chanting
  • Tools for overcoming obstacles in your sadhana
  • How to create your sacred space
  • A list of mantras that support your chanting
  • The role of a spiritual master
  • Basic Kirtan singing

The Teaching Team

This course is presented by a team of experienced bhaktas (bhakti-yoga practitioners) have worked together to develop this course and present it.

Along with developing the content, these teachers and other members of our ChantNow.com community participate in this course as resources for answering questions and giving practical guidance through the course forum and discussion group. There is also a weekly interactive webinar for course participants.

Chanting Community

You are encouraged to take advantage of the ChantNow.com community. When you signed up for the Getting Started Workshop you were also registered with the community. By registering for this course you are automatically added to the course discussion group in the community. Each of these groups has an experienced chanting guide

Course Donation

Chantnow.com is supported by donations and the dedicated service of volunteers in our community. To support the development of this and other courses, we ask for a donation from students.

For this course, there is a suggested donation of $35 and a minimum of $5 to cover the basic cost of hosting the course.

Course Info

  • Cost: Suggested $35 donation
  • Time: About 10-20 minutes per day
  • Duration: Self-paced, designed for about 3 weeks


To take this course you should have taken Mantra Meditation – Wisdom & Practice.

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