Workshop Day 6 – bhakti yoga – The Complete yoga Of The Heart

Hey Guys! Welcome back.

Today we’re going to explore the root of yoga called bhakti-yoga or the yoga of Heart.

Many know of yoga as a series of physical exercises, while some have also heard of the deeper, more metaphysical elements and practices. Ultimately, the goal of yoga is to go beyond the physical & mental and to connect with the divine. The word yoga literally means connecting. It’s where we get our English word yoke. Earlier we talked about how you are not your physical body or even your mind, but something eternal and above this material plane. Your true natural state, when you are not caught up in the material world, is to be full of joy and full of knowledge. Identifying with our bodies, we’ve forgotten ourselves, who we really are and we keep looking for happiness in the temporary world. Absorbed in the material world our eternal divine nature is covered to us, like clouds covering the sun. Bhakti-yoga is the path of clearing the clouds and awakening to our full spiritual being in loving service to the supreme source of which we are all parts. Various other paths of yoga are like a ladder leading to complete realization of ourselves in bhakti.

Today, while you chant, keep in mind that all the joy you seek is really within you.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

From this video lesson, you learned about how chanting is part of a larger yoga system – bhakti-yoga. Today in your chanting session notice how chanting produces the divine connection that is the aim of all yoga.

With just one more day in the 7-day workshop, increase to at least 18 minutes, keeping in mind the tips from day one.