Workshop Day 5 – Challenges And Obstacles

Hey Guys! Welcome back.

You’ve now been practicing chanting for 4 days and along with the positive effects of chanting, you probably have seen how difficult it can be to focus on the Mantra and enter into a fully meditative state. It seems that when you sit down to meditate your thoughts can become even more distracting. This is actually quite natural. It’s like when you go to clean your room, you first have to move things around to get at everything. So things become a little messier before they become clean. Also, when you try to increase your mental focus, you naturally become more aware of what’s going on in your mind, even as you try to turn your attention to the sound of the Mantra. BUT, IT’S OKAY. IT’S FINE. You’re not alone. To achieve full focus and absorption in the Mantra takes practice. Still, even a few moments of listening attentively will have a profound effect. In our follow-up courses, we dive deeper into these topics.

One more thing for today. So far, you’ve been practicing chanting softly in meditation. There’s another way to chant the Mantra – just sing it! At the end of this video, you’ll hear a simple tune that’s been around since the 60’s when George Harrison (of the Beatles) recorded it with a group of chanters in London.

Singing the Mantra is called <strong>Kirtan</strong>. Feel free to incorporate different instruments in a mix and have some fun!

You’ve already come a long way in just these few days. Try increasing your chanting time to 16 minutes today and add some singing of the Mantra, as you are inspired.

See you tomorrow.

Though chanting is an easy process, perfecting your chanting takes practice and support from the yoga system, which is a part of – bhakti-yoga.

Today, keep your practice going by increasing to 15 minutes of chanting. And try some mantra singing too.

In the Additional Material section below you’ll find the full version of the tune you heard at the end of the video. Plus you can visit our Kirtans page for more.