Workshop Day 2 – Who Are You

Welcome back. Today, I’m excited to be with you and share some specific realizations that you can expect with this practice. Meditation is becoming mainstream and there are a lot of scientific studies on meditation. You can even find major corporations offering meditation courses. So maybe you’ve already had some experience with this kind of meditation, where the focus is to become more mindful and self-aware. Meditating with the maha-mantra adds something further, helping you go beyond the mental and physical, towards discovering your true nature. In this video, we’ll look deeper at, to who we really are? Here’s a game that I like to play with children. It’s a lesson that applies to all of us.

Point to your head, point to your eyes, point to your arm, point to your chest. Now point to your self! Where do you point? This game helps to illustrate that we are not actually our body. You don’t say “I head”. You say “my head”, you say “my body”, “my mind”. Your body is always changing, but you remain the same you. The Nature of our real identity is an eternal one. Material designations be a race, gender identification, religion, socioeconomic status, political party or otherwise are all temporary and by nature, they’re not satisfying in themselves. This idea that the self is different from the body and that our true nature isn’t temporary, but actually eternal, is the experience that yoga is meant to create. Yoga is universally applicable because it is a series of practices not dependent on preconceived beliefs or dogmas.

For your next chanting session, I would like to share this piece of advice. To help your mind feel comfortable and at ease, keep a copy of the Mantra visible in front of you while you chant. It’s an easy way to keep your mind off the newness of the words and to stay focused on the power of the Sound itself. The vibration in time will give you an experience of yourself, beyond your body.

See you tomorrow!

This video lesson introduces you to the first foundational concept in meditation with chanting – your real identity. During your chanting session today, you can begin by reminding yourself – “I am not my body, I am not my mind. I am the seat of consciousness, an eternal being.”