7 Day Chanting Workshop


7 Day Chanting Workshop

woman sits outside doing japa and holding mala beads

About the Workshop

Thank you for signing up for the  7 Day Chanting Workshop. The workshop is designed to get you started with chanting through a 7 day series of videos that guide you in trying out meditation through Mantra chanting (we explain all this in the workshop).

Thank you and happy chanting!

Course Instructions

The lessons for each day are found under the Content tab above and you can revisit them whenever you like. There is no time restriction, so you could go ahead at any pace you like. But the workshop is designed to go along with a daily meditation session, so we encourage you to stick to the lesson progression.

You can get started by clicking on ‘Day One’ under the Content tab. A link to this lesson was also emailed to you.

From tomorrow and the next six days, you’ll get an email with a link to the day’s lesson. Or you can just bookmark this page and come back here.

We also sent you an email with login details for your personal account with Chantnow.com. Logging in is not required for this free workshop, but if you log in, then you can also track your progress by marking each day complete.

Anytime you have questions you can email us at coursehelp@chantnow.com or log in and visit our community forum, where experienced chanters are ready to help you.

Please Log In  – Though you can access the lessons below without logging in,  logging in will enable you to track your progress through the course.  If you haven’t logged in before, please check your email for your login details including your password.



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Phalguni Radhika is of French Polynesian descent and grew up practicing the teachings of Native American Spirituality. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts and integrated Native teachings with her paintings. Broadening her spiritual horizon Phalguni took up bhakti yoga and had been a dedicated practitioner for over five years. She now is an Assistant Director at the Harmony Collective in Ypsilanti, MI where she teaches the practices of bhakti yoga and paints these universal principles through landscapes and portraiture.